People First’s Purchasing division oversees our procurement activities. This section of our housing authority solicits bids, releases requests for proposals, purchases goods and services, and develops contracts for construction, maintenance, consultant, and professional services.

Green Procurement

People First is committed to purchasing products and services that meet the local, state, and national environmental goals.

Section 3 & Minority Women Business Enterprise Policy

It is the policy of People First of the City of Utica, New York, State of New York, and the Empire State Development Corporation to comply with all federal, state and local law, policy, orders, rules and regulations, which prohibit unlawful discrimination because of race, creed, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, or marital status, and to take affirmative action to ensure that Minority and Women-owned Business Enterprises (M/WBEs), Minority Group Members and women share in the economic opportunities generated by participation in projects of initiatives and/or the use of state and federal funds.