People First currently sponsors three community gardens –two at Adrean Terrace, and one at the box gardens at Gilmore Village development. In conjunction with Cornell Cooperative Extension, the Oneida County Health Department, Universalist Unitarian Church, Hamilton College, and Oneida County Workforce Development, our community garden program provides our residents with accessible and affordable fresh fruits and vegetables. Through this program, residents will not only gain an increased awareness and knowledge of fresh seasonal produce, but they will also be introduced to careers in sustainable agriculture and urban farming.

In 2019, People First implemented the first Youth Garden-To-Table Initiative, an innovative, collaborative youth employment project that provided an opportunity for youth to experience hands-on job training and entrepreneurial experience in operating community gardens at public housing sites.


Our Resident Programs

These programs are developed based on needs assessments made on the different profiles of tenant populations we serve and are presented here as follows: