People First currently operates three Neighborhood Networks Centers (Computer Centers) for our Gillmore Village, Perretta Twin Towers, and Adrean Terrace/N.D. Peters Manor/F.X. Matt developments. Each computer center offers computer application skills training and open access to computer technology. We also provide computerized instruction in basic skills, English as a Second Language, and the GED for out-of-school adults, and provide related life skills, job readiness, and supportive services to participants. After-school tutoring, youth mentoring programs, and youth development programs are also offered. Services are designed to help residents transition from welfare to work, assist school age youth in successfully completing high school, enter post-secondary education programs, and help connect our residents to community services.

Our Resident Programs

These programs are developed based on needs assessments made on the different profiles of tenant populations we serve and are presented here as follows: