We welcome you to People First’s new name, branding, and website.  We want you to know that within our organization, people come first.  We are more than just a key, and we are much more than just a landlord.  We’re here for you! We will provide support that goes beyond a roof and four walls.

Please use this site to search any of our departments, projects, and developments we are pursuing to accomplish our mission.

With kindest thoughts from all of us and trusting you shall find what you are seeking informative and useful.

In full transparency, we would like to take the time to list the basic duties and responsibilities of the Executive Director. This list relates to our mission statement, “People First is an affordable housing and supportive services agency that ensures the needs of people are valued, prioritized, and fulfilled.”


  • Advising the Chairman and Board of Commissioners in all matters pertaining to the operation of the affordable housing program.

  • Executing all policies, resolutions, rules, regulations, orders, and directives of the Board.

  • Represent People First in all phases of project development including design and construction.

  • Formulate organizational structure and establish effective coordination of all phases of operations.

  • Administers personnel policy.

  • Prepares an annual budget and advises People First on all phases of fiscal administration.

  • Executes leases, deeds, contracts, purchase orders, and other documents on behalf of People First.

  • Enforces rules and regulations for the operations of People First.

  • Represents People First in dealings with other agencies, both governmental and private, and in dealings with the general public.

  • Performs other duties as may be necessary and proper as related to powers and duties of the Executive Director.