Under the supervision of John Furman, our Grant Writer is responsible for the development and implementation of the housing authority’s engagement strategy with federal, state and local elected officials, regulatory agencies, and key policymakers. The position is high-profile as this represents the organization in front of key government officials and policymakers. The Grant Writer advises housing authority departments on the impact of proposed legislation and determines an appropriate response through the discharge of the following.



  • Evaluates pending legislation.

  • Surveys the legislation’s impact on the housing authority.

  • Develops the response of the housing authority to existing and pending legislation.

  • Builds relationships with federal, state and local authorities, regulatory agency heads and key policymakers.

  • Develops government affairs strategies.

  • Enhances the housing authority image.

  • Writes and manages all aspects of grants and programs to enhance and build financial resources for the housing authority.

  • Ensures the compliance and monitoring of all grants and housing authority programs and services.

  • Works with staff and other organizations to obtain media coverage and develop effective public awareness campaigns.

  • Researches, develops, prepares, presents, and submits People First’s Five Year Plan and Annual Plans.