Our Property Management department is broken down into 3 levels, all of which collaborate with each other and illustrate our mission on a daily basis. Our people truly come first – and People First is here for you, to assist in any way that we can. The three branches within our property management department include:

  1. Asset Manager
  2. Assistant Asset Manager (Property Managers)
  3. Housing Assistant Representatives

The roles of our Asset Manager and our Assistant Asset Manager include the responsibility of  coordinating and administering the overall housing management for all of our residents.


  • Develop and maintain awareness of community issues for residents through communication with People First staff and initiate efforts to respond to any issues.

  • Serve as the primary resource for staff and residents in dealing with specific resident problems, including neighbor conflicts, personal and emotional problems, diversity issues, and other developmental concerns.

  • Identify special needs and concerns of diverse resident populations and initiate programming and other efforts in their housing locations to address these needs and concerns.

  • Develop a familiarity with local and community resources to ensure timely, efficient referrals when appropriate.

  • Establish and maintain communication with residents through individual contacts, meetings, and discussions.

  • Serve as a mediator/facilitator when necessary to provide resolutions for interpersonal conflicts.

  • Coordinate implementation of any resolution agreements and community agreement processes.

  • Meet with residents and serve as the Judicial Hearing Officer for those referred for disciplinary concerns and enact appropriate judicial sanctions and/or personal counseling to effectively resolve disciplinary problems in accordance with HUD regulations and pertinent laws relative to housing occupancy.

  • Anticipate and promote educational, cultural, social, recreational, and service programs.

  • Cultivate, coordinate, and assist in the development of resident representation and responsibility through programming and direct involvement.

  • Sponsor or assist in sponsorship of programs in housing locations.

  • Manage operational functions for residents such as key distribution and collection, damage assessment, reporting and billing, maintenance requests, and apartment/housing openings and closings.

  • Serve as facility manager for residence halls including conducting inspections, reporting and following up on housekeeping, maintenance, and mover requests.

  • Recruit, select, and train Assistant Asset Managers, Tenant Relations Staff and Housing Assistants.

  • Monitor work performance for accuracy and completeness in accordance with HUD goals and objectives.

  • Ensure compliance of staff with established housing policies and procedures.

  • Develop and implement staff training and development programs in conjunction with the Executive Director and other divisions of our housing authority.

  • Assist the Division of Plant and Facilities in the planning of renovation work.

  • Manage and coordinate all housing assignments and changes and communicate/resolve problems in accordance with established procedures.

  • Respond to all inquiries, problems, and complaints.

  • Assist the Area Coordinator and Assistant Director for Operations in making recommendations for the purchase of furnishings and equipment, improvement of housekeeping services, and preventative maintenance and safety measures.

  • Act to control unnecessary/unreasonable site damages and vandalism.

  • Maintain effective working relationships with all other divisions.

  • Assume “on-call” responsibility for all area residents on a scheduled basis.

  • Participate in the overall planning and management of the housing locations and provide input in the development of policies and procedures.

  • Participate on task forces and group goal planning and objective setting.