Grant Overview

The Asset Management Department manages 999 units, including 871 affordable housing and 93 project-based units. An annual reexamination is required for every household, and this requires verification of income and documentation of family status. Some programs require that an interim reexamination is conducted when a family has a change in income. The Public Housing program within the Asset Management department is required to enter family data into the PIC system that reports to HUD.

People First has been designated as a high-performing housing authority, and we have reported high PHAS scores. Each year, we have improved our unit turnover rate and occupancy remains at 98%.

People First has successfully completed the transition to asset-based management. Within this transition, the following has taken place within our organization:

  • Our board approved the assignment of maintenance staff to specific affordable housing sites.
  • Our staff has been reorganized to reflect the asset-based model.
  • New software has been installed to enhance waiting lists, work orders, and resident screening and eligibility processing.
  • Project-based budgeting and accounting procedures have been implemented to ensure consistency with asset management regulations.
  • Our existing developments have been re-designated to become a cluster of four (4) property groups for the purposes of project-based accounting and management.
  • In an effort to continue our on-going commitment to improve asset management, People First has added two Assistant Property Managers to each of our largest AMPs to oversee their day to day operations.
  • In 2011, People First discontinued use of its central warehouse for property management supplies and has developed storage facilities at each AMP.
  • Materials inventory has been moved from People First’s central warehouse to individual warehouses at each site.
  • Property reports, including budget-to-actual operating statements, are produced identifying key performance indicators.
  • Periodic review of site-based financial performance is provided at both the staff and Board levels.