Grant Overview

In 2011, the New York State Housing Trust Fund Corporation approved a Public Housing Modernization Drug Elimination Program FY 2010-2011 grant of $93,265 in connection with our Chancellor Apartments, a New York State Section 8 voucher-based affordable housing development for disabled and senior housing. Funds were used to install security improvements including but not limited to surveillance cameras, front doors, and exterior lighting.

In 2010, People First was awarded a grant of $222,115 from the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Safety and Security Funding Program to install surveillance camera systems and other security improvements in connection with our affordable housing developments. The grant is designed to enhance the ability of the People First security department to reduce criminal activity and discourage drug-related activity at our properties. Grant funds were used to install and purchase a digital network-based video surveillance system in connection with the Perretta Twin Towers, Marino-Ruggiero Apartments, and Hamilton Street Apartments.

Using our general allocation of CFP funds, People First installed new video surveillance cameras in most resident parking lots to deter vandalism and crime. The cameras have panoramic views and may be viewed locally on site as well as on the web. Information from the surveillance system is shared with the Utica Police Department to identify and prosecute offenders.