People First is proud to be the radio sponsor via WIBX for the Sleep in Heavenly Peace “Mega Build Event” that is taking place at the Sangertown Square Mall in New Hartford, New York on April 1st, 2nd, and 3rd 2022. People First is more than a key, our team is focused on being people friendly, people focused, people driven. Upon meeting Steven Sperbeck, People First knew that this collaboration was something special because of the collective goal to focus on community helping community. 


Sleep in Heavenly Peace is a national non-profit organization. Their mission is tobuild beds for kids who don't have their own. They believe that a bed is a basic need for the proper physical, emotional, and mental support that a child needs.” It is 100% volunteer driven and donation driven. The donations they receive go towards purchasing materials for beds, assembling and delivering beds, as well as building and improving their organization. There are no paid employees. Donations from individuals, service groups and/or corporations determine how many beds that they can produce and deliver. 


According to the numbers collected by Sleep in Heavenly Peace, “roughly 2-3% of American children are without beds.” Bedding is not only a basic need but a huge need. 


The Sleep in Heavenly Peace website covers the bedding crisis and the effects of not having a bed has on children. The facts have been taken from  studies done at Harvard University, the National Science Foundation, Auburn University, and The Better Sleep Council: 

  • Poor sleep can lead to hyperactivity issues as early as age five
  • In teenagers, anxiety and depression are linked to poor sleeping habits 27% and 69% of the time
  • Sleep is a sort of "recharge" time for body and mind, and if it's not adequate there are negative physical and mental effects

There are various situations where children are left bedless and sleeping on the floor. Families that are homeless or poverty stricken, domestic violence issues, or even the loss of a house due to natural disasters could lead to child bedlessness. According to Sleep in Heavenly Peace,  the effects of kids sleeping on the floor include:

  • lowered self-esteem
  • reduced focus
  • weakened immune system support
  • longer, more severe illnesses

Steven Sperbeck, President of the Utica chapter of Sleep in Heavenly Peace was “eager to start a chapter in our community,” stated in an interview he did with News Channel 2  in August of 2021. “We are a group of volunteers who want to be sure all children in our community have a safe and comfortable bed, a soft pillow, and a comfortable blanket. This will affect the overall health and happiness of each child we soon will serve.”

In a recent article done by the Utica Observer Dispatch, Steven Sperbeck expressed that "I just felt like there was a need here," he said. "This isn't really addressed by any other organizations."

This will be the first “Mega Build” event hosted by the Utica Chapter of Sleep in Heavenly Peace. Volunteers are going to be sawing, sanding, drilling and assembling beds from Friday, April 1, to Sunday, April 3. The goal is to build 200 beds over the weekend. 

People First is incredibly proud to be the radio sponsor via WIBX of the “Mega Build” event and eager about  joining the Utica Chapter of Sleep in Heavenly Peace in this great cause. We are accepting donations of brand new twin size sheet sets, comforter sets, pillows, and blankets at our administration offices.