Notice is hereby given that elections will be held for the following Utica Municipal Housing Authority – UMHA  (D/B/A People First) resident associations:
-     Gillmore-Humphrey Resident Association – Board Election. Tuesday, September 7 -   6 pm. Simultaneous Meetings at Gillmore Village Computer Lab,  929 Hillcrest Avenue, Utica, New York   13502 &  Humphrey Gardens Community Room, 225 Herkimer Rd, Utica, NY 13502.  Meetings will be linked by Zoom and Free Conference Call.  (GHRA serves the residents of Gillmore Village, Humphrey Gardens. 819 Hamilton Street, and Duplex Apartments.)
-     Adrean-Matt Resident Association (AMRA) Board Election. Thursday, September 9 – 6 pm.  Vega Martinez Center, 1790 Armory Drive, Utica, NY 13501.  (AMRA serves the residents of Adrean Terrace, Matt Apts., N.D. Peters Manor.)
-     Marino-Perretta Resident Association Board Election.  Monday, September 13 – 6 pm. Perretta Twin Towers Community Room, 509 Second St., Utica, New York 13501.  (MPRA serves the residents of Marino-Ruggiero Apartments and Perretta Twin Towers.)
The purpose of  the resident associations is to enhance the quality of life of our tenants  by developing and operating programs and services, advocating for resident needs, promoting resident participation, ensuring effective communication between residents and management, building a sense of community, and furthering resident self-sufficiency. 
People First is seeking adult residents (18 years of age and older) of our public housing developments to serve on the Board of Directors of our resident associations.  Directors must be residents of any of the housing projects referenced above.    “Residents” will include designated heads of household and other members of a household eighteen (18) years of age or older whose name appears on a bona fide UMHA lease for any of the housing developments.  Residents are able to vote in the election for the Board of Directors.
The Boards of Directors will be elected by the residents at the aforementioned Election Meetings.  To be elected, candidates must be nominated and present at the Election Meeting. If an emergency arises preventing the candidate from attending the meeting, he,she, they must supply the Election Chair with a letter acknowledging his or her intent to run for office and explain the circumstances that prevented the candidate's attendance. 
The election will be held by secret ballot of the Residents present at the Election Meeting.  Directors shall be elected by plurality of the votes cast at the Election Meeting. Officers will be chosen at the meeting as well as additional Board members.   The results will be announced immediately and will be posted in a prominent location or otherwise distributed to all residents no later than ten (10) days after the Election Meeting. 

If you have any questions or need further information about election procedures, please contact John Furman, Director of Grants, Programs, Monitoring, and Compliance, at (315) 735-3362, ext. 34 or (315) 982-3731,  In accordance with the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the UMHA will make reasonable efforts to accommodate persons with disabilities or language interpretation services. We reserve the right to make changes to these procedures for public health and other considerations.  Please call or email Mr. Furman at least three business days before the public hearing or resident meetings if you require special accommodations, transportation, or language interpretation services.    The UMHA, an Equal Housing Opportunity provider, does not discriminate based on race, creed, color, sex, age, national origin, sexual orientation, marital status, military status, family status, gender identity, or disability. We are committed to equity, diversity and inclusion in our agency operations.